Nika Radić

The limited edition produced on the occasion of the exhibition "Everething was Green" in CLB in Berlin is available here



- "Future" Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb April 4th till December 31st 2023

- "The Visible Ones*", Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, May 18th till October 1sr 2023 (them moving to Dubrovnik, Osijek, Split and Rijeka)

- Intervention at the exhibition "Intimate Space of Everyday Life" at the Ethnographic Museum Zagreb, May 19th 2023 till May 25th 2025

- "The Sky", Nowy Złoty, Wrocław a one flag solo show, until the end of June


- Kreuzberger Pflanze, performative walks in Berlin Kreuzberg in collaboration with Georg Spehr and an exhibition in Kotti-Shop, opening June 22th till June 30th

- Where Is This Cloud Floating? - exhibition from the MMSU collection, Museum od Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, June 14th till August 25th 2023

- Indexes - A Virus..., Gallery P74, Ljubljana, opening June 16th

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Nika Radić has often moved between different contexts. She has lived in several countries and worked both practically and theoretically with visual arts. Her personal experience led to her professional interest in communication that she pursued through a wide range of media.
Several years ago, during her research about how different disciplines treat the communication challenges, she has encountered the work of the psychiatrist Milton Erickson and the way he employed hypnosis in therapy. Hypnotism is a way of communicating directly with the subconscious and Erickson structured it in a way that closely resembles how an artwork functions as a communication medium. Radić used hypnosis both as the structure to a series of her works and also directly as part of her practice. In a recent series of performances in which she hypnotized a number of people to see a future that they would like to live in, it turned out that the majority saw green environments as their vision of a positive future. This led to her current interest in plants.

Excerpt from the video My Voice Will Go with You, 5 minutes, 2022






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